By a show of hands, how many people were influenced by Jeremy Michael Rayl?

My name is Derek Lann and Jeremy was my BEST friend. He was Tim’s son, Tara’s brother, Beth’s husband, Jacobs father…to so many he was a friend, a colleague, a boss or a mentor. He was many things to many people.

How do you celebrate the life of a man who’s positively influenced so many people? What words can be written or said that haven’t already been expressed over the years since his untimely passing? I thought, what better way to celebrate than with stories and memories of the good times we had with Rayl? (Oh yeah, we called him Rayl). It’s unfair for only a few of us to be able to share OUR stories, when I know so many of you have YOUR great experiences to share. Each story will be special to you and you alone, but my story combined with your story, combined with all our stories will create a patchwork quilt, an ever-changing tapestry, of Jeremy memories that tell a never-ending story.

So I want everybody to take a second to think about your favorite Jeremy story or memory, maybe it was the first time you met, a funny interaction or special event. Now leave the sorrow, tears and grief in the past where it belongs. Take that favorite “Rayl” story and tell somebody, then tell somebody else and keep sharing and laughing…share it to the world. Better yet, after reading this, go ahead and post your very own story of Jeremy on the Rayl Charitable Organizations “Memories” section so the whole world can share with you.

Jeremy Michael Rayl loved his wife and son. He loved his family. He loved his friends. He loved the company and industry he was so passionate about. He will live on every day in our thoughts, in every JRayl truck on the road, but most importantly, by every story that YOU share.

So like I did in the beginning, by a show of hands who’s going to go out to the world and celebrate the life of Jeremy Michael Rayl, one story at a time?