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Jeremy, like his father Tim and a lineage of Rayls, was very kind, charitable, generous, and hospitable. Describing Jeremy as hospitable is an understatement. He loved entertaining, having fun and making sure everyone else was having fun too. He enjoyed having parties, picnics, traveling and coordinating events with friends, family, employees and business associates. It didn’t matter if he was boating, skiing, gambling, at a sporting event, concert, beach, or just out to dinner, he included as many people as possible.

Jeremy loved the holidays. He was obsessed with Halloween and Christmas decorations, completely cluttering the house. He enjoyed having Christmas, Easter and trick or treat events with the office, and LOVED dressing up for Halloween. He loved good food. King crab legs and a perfectly cooked steak were favorites, but he also could eat Taco Bell and pizza seven days a week. I knew I was in love when he told me Taco Bell was a delicacy. Jeremy was a total gamer (video games, cards, ping pong, pool, board games, arcades galore). He seemed to be good at everything. He was so smart. He could lack a talent and still find a way to win based on his wits. I hated losing to him, especially at backgammon. He didn’t deserve to win!!! And of course, the man had a mad passion for Ohio sports. No sporting experience will ever beat my memory of tears running down our cheeks when we were feet away from LeBron holding the trophy.

I most appreciated Jeremy’s intellect. He was the go-to man if you needed sound advice, an astute man. His reputable temperament complemented his intelligence. I would often overhear him talking a friend through a job search, a business opportunity or potential investment. He’d be reviewing business plans and helping explain financials to entrepreneurial friends. He loved business and strategy and I was constantly captivated with his business ideas. He was up-to-date on world news, the market, sports trades, you name it. I loved debating and bantering with him, and miss talking business, economics, sports, and politics with him. I wish I could have seen the grin on his face when the headlines read “Little Rocket Man”.

My sincerest favorite thing about Jeremy is his true nature. Behind closed doors, you wouldn’t hear him speak negatively about people, even when it was personal. He chose to believe the best in people and was forgiving. He was a kind person, a loyal friend, a savvy businessman, a caring and patient family member, a loving father, a responsible partner, and the most inspiring husband. My love, admiration, and respect for Jeremy continue to grow. I hope this organization will honor his legacy and keep his memory alive.

Jeremy Michael Rayl, July 9, 2017 | Jeremy Rayl, 39, passed away July 5, 2017. He was born on January 10, 1978 in Akron, Ohio.Jeremy was born to be a winner and he wasn't the least bit competitive.

JEREMY RAYL President/CEO, JRayl Transport Inc.

Crain's Cleveland Business, November 21, 2011 | Jeremy Rayl started his career beneath some of the trucks he now manages, but he's clearly on top of things today. The first job for Mr. Rayl, 33, now CEO of J.Rayl Transport...

Jeremy Rayl, CEO, J. Rayl Transport Inc.

Smart Business, July 1, 2012 | As CEO of J. Rayl Transport Inc., Jeremy Rayl has successfully transformed the third-generation, Akron, Ohio-based international transportation company from a small family business to a thriving multimillion-dollar enterprise.


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My name is Derek Lann and Jeremy was my BEST friend. He was Tim’s son, Tara’s brother, Beth’s husband, Jacobs father…to so many he was a friend, a colleague, a boss or a mentor. He was many

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